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I am Md Abdur Rahim.

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Md Abdur Rahim
Md Abdur Rahim 2023

Address: Belaichandi Burirhat, Belaichandi, Parbatipur, Dinajpur.

Educational Information:

Master of Business Administration (MBA) – Management. Dinajpur Govt. College.

Business place:

( Rahim it Center )

Rahim it center work






Belaichandi Basstand College Rode.

Software Skills:

  • Basic Computer Hardware, Date Entrée
  • SEO and Web Development, Internet Browsing
  • Video Editing and Adobe Photoshop

Online Work Research:

  1. Web Developer and SEO.
  2. Forex Trading.
  3. Products marketing and Affiliate marketing.
  4. Youtube video and Facebook marketing

Website :


Contact number – 01744669128

Everyone has some dreams, I want to fulfill my dreams.


About us: I am Md. Abdur Rahim, I want to bring out the life picture of Bengal. I hope to highlight people’s problems and solve them. I will highlight the culture of Bengal.

Bangladesh is a long-standing and constitution-based democratic state with a strong struggle to establish national unity and equality as a whole. Some of the main points that can be made out of the picture of Bengal life depicted by a long history and social environment are:

Bangladesh is a beautiful country where people can see beautiful life in spite of many problems. Some of the highlights of Bengali Jivan Chitra are:

Natural Beauty: Bangladesh is a beautiful country where various natural beauty can be enjoyed. The country has many rivers, hills, saris and ghats that always touch people’s hearts.

Evolution of society: Bangladesh being a completely rural country, the evolution of society is constant. A vigorous struggle is going on to establish the unity and equality of the entire nation in the social environment of the country.

Relationship between agriculture and nature: Bangladesh being an agricultural country has more contact with nature. Agriculture and nature in the country
Culture and Heritage: The culture and heritage of Bengal is faithful and developing. One of the most important human resources is Bengal’s social culture, community and development. Bangladesh has developed a unique culture and tradition within the limits of its national soil and population size which gives a freedom of living and plays an important role in the development of a fully humane society.
Bangladesh is a beautiful country with various natural beauties and a strong struggle is going on to establish unity and equality of the entire nation in the social environment. The country has more contact with agriculture and nature and is an agricultural country.

There are many changes in the life of Bangladesh in terms of social environment and this is acting as a good sign for the progress of the country. Every citizen of Bangladesh can change his life and work for the development of the country.

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