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The Bakul flowers is not only known as a beautiful and fragrant flower, it has many Ayurvedic and medicinal properties. Dried bakul flower powder helps to reduce headaches when inhaled through the nose. The juice of bakul flower is used to cure heart disease.

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Best bakul flowers scienfific name:

The Bokul (scientific name: Mimusops elengi) is a flower of the genus Minasops. It is found throughout Asia, the Pacific Ocean, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Burma, Indo-China, Thailand, and the Andaman Islands. However, it is cultivated in Malaysia, the Solomon Islands, New Caledonia (France), Vanuatu, and Northern Australia.

Bakul flower is a very familiar flower to us, this flower can be seen roaming almost everywhere. Its strangely insane fragrance will take away anyone’s mind. Its fragrance is not only in the mind, there is no end to the songs and poems about it. Since the fragrance of dried bakul flowers lasts for a long time, many people keep this garland at home for a long time.

That is why there is a popular song of the band “Jaler Gaan” about this flower – “Bakul Phul Bakul Phul Sona Diya Haat Kene Bandhayali”. It is a flower of the genus Minasops. Bakul flowers are found throughout Asia, Pacific, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Burma, Indo-China, Thailand, Andaman Islands. Other countries include Malaysia, the Solomon Islands, New Caledonia (France), Vanuatu, and Northern Australia.

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In our country, Bakul flower is called by many regional names such as Bakul, Bahul, Bukal, Bakul, Bakal. However, this flower is better known as Bakul. In Sanskrit, this flower is called as Anangaka, Chhirapusp, Kirapusp, Dhanvi Dohala, Kantha, Karuka, Madhugandhamadan etc. Among the common English names, this flower is usually called Spanish cherry, medlar and bullet wood. Manipuris say bokul lai. This flower is called by a very beautiful name in Myanmar – Kaya. There are many names of this flower in many other countries such as Menkula, Bakulam, Elangi in Malaysia; In Indonesia, Tanjang, Karikish, and in Thailand – Kun, Kaeo, etc., what are the names of this bakul flower?

Bakul tree-

The bakul tree is never too big or small, it grows up to 18 meters in size. The bakulding flowering plant is called the evergreen tree because it is never leafless. The leaves are dark green elliptical, smooth, dark green and wavy, 5 to 14 cm long and 2.5 to 6 cm wide.

Bakul flowers-

Bakul flowers but very small in size, large pair 1 cm. The color of this flower is not exactly white, but ghee means yellowish white or cream. . And the most special thing about this flower is that the bakuls look a lot like stars, they look like they are blooming in a tree. Although this flower is called a summer flower, in fact the bakul flowers start blooming from the beginning of spring and last for a long time throughout the whole winter.

One to six flowers bloom in a bunch of these flowers. The bakuls bloom on the tree every day, so much so that the leaves are not visible for the flowers. But what if, if there are flowers! The bakuls fall off again very easily. Like a small star, this flower blooms at night and falls all day long. There is a beautiful song written in Mymensingh Geetika about this falling bakul flower-

Bakul fruit-

There is a lot of talk about flowers, let’s talk about the beauty of the fruit! When the bakul tree bears fruit, it is an oval-shaped fruit like a small kul or bariya. The fruits are green when raw and red when ripe. It looks strangely beautiful after the color change.

The birds are also attracted and come to eat the bakul fruit. Not only birds but also babies and bakuls can be seen eating the fruit. The Malays preserve the bakul fruit and make pickles. The taste of this fruit is light sweet with a slight tinge. This fruit will come to the tree in the rainy season, which means just a few days later. You can also try it if you want, the taste is not just bad.

Ayurvedic and medicinal properties of Bakul-

Bakul is not only known as a beautiful and fragrant flower, it has many Ayurvedic and medicinal properties.

The juice of the bakul flower is used to cure heart disease. Also a medicine made from dried flower powder called “Ahwa” is used to treat high fever, headache and pain in neck, shoulder and various parts of the body. Dried flower powder is also useful to keep the head cool and increase the brain.

  • Inhaling dried bakulding flower powder through the nose helps to reduce headaches.
  • Bakul is also used for cutting and tearing. Wounds cut with the bark of the bakul tree can be cleaned. Boiled bark and tamarind bark are also used to treat various skin ailments.
  • Not only this, the leaves of Bakul are also very useful for snake bites. Also, boil the leaves of the bakul and apply it on the scalp to reduce the headache. The juice of the leaves is also beneficial for the eyes.
  • The peel of ripe fruit of Bakul relieves old diarrhea and constipation.
  • Bakul seeds are also useful. It is a tonic, and the bark of the bakul is used for gum disease.

The stem of the bakul is to be left out or why, from the stem of the bakul tree to make a kind of medicine through the process of digestion which is very useful in curing dental problems. This medicine is also used to cure fever and diarrhea and also works as an antidote for mouthwash which strengthens the gums.

From the tip of the bakul to the base, from the flower to the fruit, do not throw any part. Everything has special uses and qualities. and more infor read hare

Cultivate bakul flowers in home tub by following simple procedure

The soothing scent of bakulding flowers will drive you crazy. But if you want to get this scent, you have to cultivate bakuls in your house or around your house. You can easily get bakul seedlings from a nearby nursery.

Soil with high drainage system needs to be prepared first for each plant. So for this you can give white sandy soil of the river along with coco peat or wood powder and organic manure.

You have to choose a slightly larger pot for the bakul tree. If you can plant this tree towards the end of winter, you can get some flowers in the rainy season.

However, in summer this tree needs to be given proper watering. Without water, trees can die. However, it should be noted that if more water is poured, the roots of the tree may rot again. So the soil must be connected to the source drainage system.

4 hours of intense sunshine is quite suitable for bakul trees. If you want to replace the tree in the tub, you have to leave the top of the tree from time to time. Neem oil should be sprayed with pesticides from time to time in the plants. However, if the plant is ever attacked by an insect, you must mix the soap powder well in the water and spray the plant. Make sure that this soapy water never falls on the base of the tree and other all information sears

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