The relations between Iraq and the United States

Extreme economic disturbances, rampant corruption and foreign intervention by foreign powers are responsible for the ongoing protests in Iraq. The recent death of a US contractor in a rocket attack and the death of an Iraqi Iraqi militia in a US airstrike pushed the Iraqi protests against the United States. Then last week, the attack on the US Embassy in Baghdad prompted protesters to take a stand against the United States. News in the New York Times Online.

Iranian airstrikes are largely involved in airstrikes and embassy attacks.

This is undoubtedly the most difficult problem the United States has faced in the past few years, and has pushed Iraq and its neighboring country, Iran, into a complex problem. Meanwhile, relations between Iraq, Iran and the United States have fallen in the face of the most critical situation in history.

The political and diplomatic relations of the three countries are now at the brink of collapse. Last Friday, at least 3 rockets were fired at an Iraqi army base near the northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk. At least one US civilian contractor was killed and four were injured, including two Iraqi government officials. The US blamed the pro-Iranian militia group, Kateb Hezbollah. Meanwhile, a spokesman for the militant group said they had no involvement in the attack. But US President Donald Trump has accused Iran of suspicion of involvement in the attack.

“Iran has killed one person in the United States and injured many people,” he said in a message on Twitter last Tuesday. However, the United States did not go full force after the attack. They have launched airstrikes as a counter-response. It killed at least 20 people. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called the US airstrike a “final response”. He also said that the United States would not act against Iran which would jeopardize US men and women. The United States and Iran have long been at odds over the influence of Iraq, Iran’s nuclear issue and other issues. And this relationship has only taken a toll on the current Trump administration. The Trump administration violated the nuclear deal signed in 2001 and imposed sanctions on Tehran. However, the recent US airstrikes in Iraq have taken everything against the United States and turned people into angry protests.

For the past six years there has been a kind of pressing anger in the minds of the people due to riots, riots and occupational crises, and in the meantime the US airstrikes have sparked ongoing mass protests. With the pressure of the Cold War on Tehran and Washington, Iraq has become a hotbed. The fate of Baghdad is so uncertain now. relations between Iraq‘s Shiite religious leader Ayatollah Ali al-Husseini al-Sistani recently warned that Iraq should never be made a ‘regional and international field’. In addition, Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mehdi has described the airstrikes as a violence on the ground in Iraq.

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